Middle TN Fellowship of Christian Magicians - hosts of Music City Creative Ministries Conference

Middle TN FCM Club Happenings
Photos by Vickie & Tom Gibson & Steve Kilgore

Ed Leto performs routines with cards and coins as featured performer in March.

Jay Luthy presents Velvet the rabbit performing Houdini's Milk Can Escape with assistance from Ruth and Jamie Lee.

2016 & 2017 Officers
L to R  Annette Rhodes, treasurer;  Bruce Amato, vice president; Garry Hayes, president; Ruth Luthy, secretary.

After Christmas Banquet Jan. 10, 2017

Steve Kilgore shows an illusion from a magic apparatus he recently repaired.

Tom Gibson demonstrated a trick, with assistance from Moss Ford.

Steve Varro shows an effect.

Group picture of members and guests at Middle TN FCM annual picnic Sept. 13, 2016.



Featured performer in February 2013 was Tom Gibson.
Jay Luthy shows a double impact effect in a story about Jesus and Paul at a 2013 meeting.
Bruce Amato gets help from Jamie Lee with a card trick.

2013 MT FCM OFFICERS (from left) Vice President Tim Hancock, President Tom Gibson, Secretary Sara Offutt, and Treasurer Garry Hayes.

Garry Hayes performs at the January 2013 After-Christmas Banquet.
Tom Gibson cuts a number of shapes from newspaper telling the Christmas story of the star the magi followed.
Eddie Richards entertains with original music.
VP Jay Luthy and Elvira the spider perform at May 2012 meeting with brave assist from Moss Ford, right, as Ruthie Rabbit watches.
Garry Hayes gets assist from Zoe at April 2012 meeting.
Gibson Magic (Zach, Zoe, Jake and Vickie) performs at April 2012 meeting.
Eddie Richards with son, Christopher perform routine with assistance from Jamie Lee Luthy during March 2012 meeting.

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