Middle TN Fellowship of Christian Magicians - hosts of Music City Creative Ministries Conference

2018 Music City Creative Ministries Conference Lectures

Magic Lectures

Message Magic For "Kids of all ages" by Duane Laflin
Tricks and illusions with gospel themes.  The emphasis is on "fun" magical experiences that convey spiritual truth.

Magic that Wins, Wows and Witnesses! by Duane Laflin
Not every trick must have a message. Some tricks are for the purpose of "winning the right to be heard."  Other tricks must illustrate a message. This is a combination of "win them over" tricks with "give a clear witness" illustrations.

More Gospel Magic by Duane Laflin
Last minute additional lecture by one of the best instructors of gospel magic.    

Magic That Amazes by Steve Varro
Over the years Steve Varro has come across effects that just blew him away, some were used some were not, but all left him amazed in one way or another. Either he was amazed at the outcome or amazed by the method and he hopes participants will be also. 

Flash Back by Bruce Amato
Bruce will ‘flash back’ on some of his best work over the years, featuring a little bit of everything including close up, parlor and stage effects.

Gospel Magic You Can Do by Tom Gibson
Special added lecture by a practicing gospel magician who makes, adapts and repurposes effects to illustrate specific Bible stories or messages on a weekly basis..    

Vent/Puppet/Mime/Storytelling Lectures

Thinking 'Outside the Trunk' by David Turner
Make your act a little unconventional with creative thinking using simple ideas that are considered ‘outside the trunk’ to make your act unique!

Puppets by Steve Pennington
Learn about puppetry from one of the best in the business.

'Mime' Your Own Business by Tay Williams 
For years mime has been given "the silent treatment." So Mr, Tay created ways to make it burst with excitement and fun for the ‘ears that are watching and eyes that are listening.’ Learn creative ways to add to any presentation, incorporating performance art techniques without use of speech. Discover how to have a little "magic" in our movement!

Marker Magic by John Welcher
This workshop teaches how to use markers and paper or dry erase board to share the gospel in a very unique way. Some basic information and at least four message presentations will be shared.

Simple Gospel Magic Messages by John Welcher
John has taught this class for over 20 years at ministry conferences around the country. Come learn ‘five minute messages’ you can do with everyday objects to share the magic of salvation. Over eight messages will be shared.

Building Vent Figures by Steve Kilgore
Ever want to build your own vent figure?  This is the class to learn everything you ever wanted to know about making a vent figure!  Learn tips to save much time and money!

Clowning/Balloons/Face Painting Lectures

ABCs of Balloons by Glenna Thompson aka Daisy the Clown
Learn some basic twists. Starting with the dog, sword and flower, this workshop will  teach how to twist balloons without fear of popping.  

Basic Steps in Face Painting by Glenna Thompson aka Daisy the Clown
Learn a couple of full face designs and some cheek art designs in this hands-on workshop. Work on some basic strokes that are used often in face painting.

Clowning 101 by Nick Wilkins aka Broadway the Clown
Basics to Amazing - Learn about basic clowning methods and routines. Class is based on participants' level of experience. Learn how to polish your clown skills to entertain and witness.

Clowning 102 by Nick Wilkins aka Broadway the Clown
More of the same. Get your clown groove on with Broadway the Clown. Make people laugh and smile while you share your faith...

Creating a Winsome Comic Character by Ed Leto aka Fumbles the Clown
People determine whether they like you or not within the first 30 seconds of your performance. Character development is the most important work one can perfect. It makes any performance dry and flat or, when fully developed, loved and cherished. Creating, conveying and refining character is important whether a clown, magician or other variety artist. Find practical guidelines that pay dividends when put into practice.

Showmanship for Entertainers by Ed Leto aka Fumbles the Clown
Showmanship is very important for an entertainer to develop. In advertising, you "sell the sizzle not the stake.” Showmanship is the sizzle to a performance. Learn how to create more sizzle through choice of material, style of performance, character, timing, pacing, emphasis, arrangement of material and more. 

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