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About Us

Middle Tennessee Fellowship of Christian Magicians is a chapter of The Fellowship of Christian Magicians International ( Chartered in 1982, the Nashville area club includes magicians, clowns, ventriloquists, balloonists, puppeteers, storytellers and other performers of visual arts. Every year the club hosts the Music City Creative Ministries Conference, an event the second weekend of November that gathers talented performers and lecturers in a variety of visual arts to come together for workshops and shows that teach and share unique way to present the gospel message to others.

Jay Luthy gets an assist from Eddie Richards.

Bruce Amato does closeup card magic.

John Welcher demonstrates his style of magic with help from Ed Leto and Jay Luthy..   

Vickie Gibson celebrates Flag Day with patriotic magic.

Jay Luthy shows a Christian routine using color blocks

Tom Gibson shows his weather in the news gospel routine. 

Eddie Richards gets help from Jamie Lee Luthy and his son Christopher in a magic routine.

Tom Gibson performs humorous magic with a Christian message.

Jay Luthy asks Moss Ford to pick a card for his tarantula, Elvira, to find...

and Elvira finds the chosen card!

Gibson Magic brings surprising magic.

Vickie Gibson shows a colorful act. 

Danny sings a song with Mary Dodson.

Garry Hayes shows a coin trick to

SaranDipAKnee, aka Sara Offutt.

Webmaster Vickie Gibson

For information, call (615) 479-4427 or


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